Ski bags for skis, ski boots and goggles. You stand out on the slopes. This solution has not been available until now. Finally, a Ski bag for shoes, goggles and skis in the same color, pattern and shade. HAKKA ski ski bags are adapted to the height for women, men and children, respectively 185 cm, 162 cm and 125 cm. On the side there is a hidden brush for cleaning the equipment in a specially made pocket. The ski bags are sewn from 100% waterproof materials. Ski bags for children's ski boots are specially adapted to small sizes of boots, max size 35, women's are in a standard size, which can accommodate boots up to size 42. However, ski bags for men's ski boots can easily accommodate shoes up to size 47. They have an additional pocket for gloves or other necessary items. A carabiner with a separate goggle cover is standard attached to each, which can be attached or detached at will. The upper colorful layer, the lower part has special safety feet so that the ski bags is not placed directly on the ground, it is also dark and resistant to dirt. Composition: 100% WATERPROOF POLYESTER.
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